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Pre-order for Samsung Galaxy Fold is Available in the US

Samsung allows people who reserved the pre-order spot to pre-order the much anticipated Galaxy Fold device in the US on the Samsung USA website. Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first foldable phone selling in the US. By pre-order on the Samsung website today, your Samsung Galaxy Fold will be shipped by May 1, 2019. The cost for this device is $1,980.00 without taxes.

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Wifi Speed Test on Japanese Train

When I visit Japan last time, I’m surprised that most trains in Japan (JR trains) are equipped with a free wifi and the free wifi is very useable to browse the web, send an email, chat with friends, watch an online video, or even play a light online game as long as you don’t do the video streaming or video call. (You will barely need to use your phone’s internet.)

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How to unlink an account from Google Assistant's Action

To link the 3rd party account with Google Assistant is very easy, but to unlink that 3rd party account from its action is harder because the unintuitive user-interface. To make the problem worse, Google doesn't have a clear documentation for the users to unlink their 3rd party account from the action either. Thus, this post will guide you to unlink the 3rd party account from the Google Assistant's Action.

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