In-Flight Wifi Speed Test


As the in-flight wifi is available from various airline carriers across the globe, the key of the in-flight wifi is the internet speed. Without a reasonable internet speed, it won’t be usable at all even for the web browsing.

I have tested the in-flight wifi speed so far on two carriers: Delta Air Lines and EVA Air. Here are my findings:

  1. Delta Air Lines

    • Type of tested wifi: Free wifi and texting for T-Mobile customers

    • Speed

      • Download: 0.08 Mbps

      • Upload: 0.61 Mbps

      • Ping: 344 ms

      • Server location: Los Angeles, CA

      • Flight location: Within the U.S.

    • Tested date: Oct 17, 2017

    • Speed test app:

  2. EVA Air

    • Type of tested wifi: 24 hour access pass for $21.95

    • Speed

      • Download: 0.13 Mbps

      • Upload: 1.0 Mbps

      • Ping: 837 ms - 1.1 s

      • Server location: Frankfurt, DE

      • Flight location: Over the pacific ocean

    • Tested date: Aug 31, 2018

    • Speed test app:



The screenshot of the speed test result for Delta Air Lines


The screenshot of the speed test result for EVA Air