What are Alexi Apps?

I would like to introduce you to Alexi Apps (http://apps.alexi.xyz). The Alexi Apps currently consist of three simple applications that can easily solve your daily problems: Word Count, Tip Calculator, and URL Decoder.

Word Count

The word count tool (http://apps.alexi.xyz/wordcount) helps you to know the statistics of words and characters and improves word choices of your written work. Since, the splendid writing normally has various words, this word count tool allows you to see high-frequency words you have in your writing. You can also search for synonyms for each of the high frequency words to improve the diversity of words in your work. Thus, this tool can assist you to have a better written material.


Tip Calculator

The Tip Calculator app (http://apps.alexi.xyz/tipcalculator) allows you compute the tip easily in a restaurant, especially in the U.S. This app able to calculate the tip before or after the tax. The tax rate and tip rate can be changed to whatever value you need. Once the result is ready, you can just copy both the tip and total amount to the credit card's receipt easily. This saves the time for you to calculate it manually and protects you from any miscalculation.


URL Decoder

The URL Decoder app (http://apps.alexi.xyz/urldecoder) is able to decode and encode the URL by converting between a valid ASCII format and non-ASCII format. Many times, we see a URL that is hard to understand and we want to see the human readable URL instead. This is a tool to achieve that!