Dead Pixel Tester app by

DeadPixelTesterByAlexi-Featured.png would like to introduce you to the Dead Pixel Tester app located at This app helps you to find any dead pixel (or defective pixel) on your screen whether this is the screen of your mobile, tablet, or computer.

The dead pixel or defective pixel is the pixel on the screen that doesn't perform as expected. This unexpected behavior can be that the pixel produces the dark dot or bright dot instead of the expected color. For example, the pixel has to produce the red color, but it produces the black color instead.

How to use the Dead Pixel Tester app

  1. Go to the Dead Pixel Tester app at

  2. Choose one of the six available colors: black, white, grey, red, green, and blue

  3. Check your screen to see any color that is different than the chosen color (If you don’t see any color than the chosen color, your screen is good. Otherwise, if you see any color that isn’t chosen by you, your screen may have a dead pixel or defective pixel.)

  4. Continue to test all available color